Summer, and the living is easy

Southwest Florida's summer and rainy season have begun. I juggle visits to the Koreshan State Historic Site between midday heat and torrential storms. Most tourists are gone, but the park is teeming with life. Gopher tortoises seem to follow me on my walks, and I have found panther tracks in sandy paths. In the shadows of the Planetary Court, the historic home for Koreshan women, I can sit in a porch rocker and sketch or read.  A favorite summer read has been Amor Towles' A Gentleman In Moscow. In this eloquent work of historical fiction, a Russian count is sentenced to spend the rest of his days in Moscow's Metropol Hotel for a 'subversive' missive that he penned on the eve of the Russian Revolution. 

Civility Is Learned In A Line is a collage posted under the Long Distance Conversations tab. It was prompted by Count Rostov's exploits within his 'prison'. The novel's tale of his efforts to fashion a productive life, the pathways of the Koreshans' old grounds, and the haunting sounds of the park's swaying bamboo all combine in this art, reflecting these experiences in recycled and retooled art materials. 

This piece is traveling to NYC this summer, to the Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery, located on Lafayette St.


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